The best lap desk to work and play from


Teddy Tray makes you comfortable in style. It combines two everyday items - a tray and a pillow that make working in bed feel just like working at your desk.

Get Comfortable

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Free Worldwide Delivery

Money Back Guarantee

Always Secure Payments

Ultimate Comfort

Light and soft, comfortable to keep on your lap for hours. It will help you keep a straight back and avoid strain on your spine and eyes.


The ultimate workplace, a tray for breakfast in bed, a children's playground, or just a pillow for a pillow fight. We will let you discover all the perks yourself.

Magnetic Tray

Easily connect and disconnect a wooden tray from its bean bag with a set of built-in magnets. 

Balance Everywhere

Even after a big jump on a bed, your coffee won't get spilled. The filling of the bean-bag will balance it on every surface.

Thoroughly Tested

Perfected in every detail to match the needs of even the most demanding users in every scenario.

100% Handmade

A wooden tray and a soft cushion, both handmade by the top craftspeople making your tray entirely unique

They enjoy it already

September 22nd

I was looking for such a product for a long time.

Bahodir Karshibayev 🇺🇿

I am a product designer, and I love functional design. Teddy Tray is a perfect match!

Līva Harkeviča 🇱🇻

FEB 12 at 6:34 AM

Getting ready to work! Thanks @teddy.tray!

Crissy H. 🇺🇸

June 3rd

I'm loving my comfortable TeddyTray, now I'll get to work even from my sofa 😋


JUN 13 at 12:12 PM

I had days when I spent 20 hours straight with it. In bed, on the floor, in the kitchen, I took it even to the park.

@dariatrizna 🇱🇻

Thank you for Teddy Tray ❤️ we all like it and we use it daily 🥳

Ieva Bogdane 🇱🇻

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